26 – The Haunting of Honey House

Influencers are the bane of modern society. They are everywhere, on the streets, in your house, even in your phones! The worst of the worst live in something called Honey House, which is like Hype House for adults. Quote unquote adults.

These twentysomethings and their made up careers are no match for two gentleman thieves and their malignant misunderstanding of what a TikTok is. Relentlessly they will use and understand modern technology and combine it with halloween spookiness to be the bad influence they themselves were always meant to be.

We’re also on TikTok now. We’ve made one TikTok and that started and simultaneously ended our careers.

You can reach How Do I Rob This on Twitter: @HowDoIRobThis

Or find out more about our heist plans on Instagram: @HowDoIRobThis

Or follow our two mastermind criminals @theoskarbrown and @smweissbach

New episodes on the 7th of every month. You can find us on iTunesStitcherSpotify, and YouTube – and please feel free to leave us a sweet, sweet review!

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