Criminal Record

Episode 01 – The Swedish Job (October 7th 2018)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_Redo_01_Swedish Job

Episode 02 – Strippers and Free Doener (October 7th 2018)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_Redo_02_Mustafas.jpg

Episode 03 – Pen and Paper with Lie Chee (November 7th 2018)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_Redo_03_Pen and Paper.jpg

Episode 04 – Stockholm Captivity (December 7th 2018)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_Redo_04_Stockholm Captivity.jpg

Episode 05 – The Atlanta Apothecary (January 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_05 COCA COLA BROWN

Episode 06 – The Final Score with Black Prez (February 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_06_The Final Score_PITCH GREEN

Episode 07 – No Compromises! (March 7th 2019)
__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_07HKRed.jpg

Episode 08 – A Song of Heist and Fire (April 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_08_A SONG OF HEIST AND FIRE_WINTER BLUE.jpg

Episode 09 – The Heistback of Notre Dame (May 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_09_Holy PURPLE REVISION.jpg

Episode 10 – Job 70215 with @linuspetit (June 7th 2019)__HOW DO I ROB THIS GUESTS_10_Job 70215 NASA Colours.jpg

Episode 11 – Shun the Non-Believer! (July 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_SHUN GREEN

Episode 12 – It’s All Downhill From Here with Olivia Dean (August 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_OSKAR COLOURS_12_All Downhill From Here_GOLD.jpg

Episode 13 – Oil on Walnut (September 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_TITLE_13_Oil on Walnut_SHEMAGH.jpg

Episode 14 – Open Door Policy (October 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_14_Open Door Policy_UJ_brighter.jpg

Episode 15 – The Sitting Senator of Queensland (November 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob 15_Sitting Senator_AUSSIE COLOURS.jpg

Episode 16 – Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Crime (December 7th 2019)__How Do I Rob This_16_Feline Crime_CATS.jpg

Episode 17 – Paws For a Moment (January 7th 2020)__How Do I Rob This_17_Birmese Colours

Episode 18 – Forever and a Girl’s Best Friend (February 7th 2020)__How Do I Rob This_18_Diamonds Are Forever_De Beers_REV.jpg

Episode 19 – Mile High Club (March 7th 2020)__How Do I Rob This_19_Mile High Club_Air Force One_Seal

Episode 20 – The 10,000 Year Clock Blockers__How Do I Rob This_20_Amazon Clock Blockers

Episode 21 – Germany’s Got Robbed__How Do I Rob This_21_TALENT COLOURS

Episode 22 – Vincere Est Vivere (June 7th 2020)__How Do I Rob This_22_Bronze_Vincere Est Vivere

Episode 23 – … and the Smarties Have all the Answers__How Do I Rob This_23_BASIC RED_ROWLING SMARTIES_HOGWARTS

Episode 24 – The Weight of the World

__How Do I Rob This_24_The Weight of the World_KILO

Episode 25 – Just S (The S Stands for Superman)

Episode 26 – The Haunting of Honey House

__How Do I Rob This_26_Colour Scheme_More Yellow

Episode 27 – Deep Ear Attention for Sexual Deviants (ASMR)

__How Do I Rob This_27_BASIC_ASMR_Colours_Pronounced Colour Scheme

Episode 28 – They Stole it from us, Our Precious!

__How Do I Rob This_28_ LotR_Sauron

Episode 29 – The Bull of No Ball Street

__How Do I Rob This_XX_BASIC RED_iMac_REMOTE 29_Colour Scheme_Rob_Bull.jpg

Episode 30 – Per Aspera ad Astra

__How Do I Rob This_30_BRAND A to Z.jpg

Episode 31 – Smooth Criminals

__How Do I Rob This_30_Smooth My Balls Brand_LOGO.jpg