Scamming of the Fittest – Fitzeri Scam Takes Bots to the Next Level

Honestly, respect where respect is due… When Fitzeri reached out to us with a sweet brand ambassador deal, for a second we doubted they were scammers. I mean, not really. It was fairly obvious from the getgo, buuuuut (and that’s a super tight glutes maxed out butt) not as obvious as it is with others.

They are learning, they are evolving!

Parts of the MO remain, they still have a generic looking shop site using stock photos and no company address. Let me spell that out for you: Major Red Flag!

Major Red Flag as in coming home to a guy’s bedroom that’s plastered in Snyder Cut posters and full of Funko Pops. Major Red Flag as in she says her husband enjoys just watching, but then halfway through he pinches your bottom and starts whispering in your ear. It happened to me, it could happen to you, too!

But the funny bit is their burner accounts. Because they still user burner accounts to reach out, so that them getting blocked, reported, deleted doesn’t result in the scam having to start from scratch. These burner accounts are branded and there’s lots of them.


So, when I say lots of them, I mean lots of them. Lots of lots of them. Looooooots of them. Lots and lots. And lots. And then some.

At first glance you might even think, if you’ve listened to our most recent episodes, that this is a step up. Because you’re no longer getting contacted by a random bot account, but by a branded account. We even said that if a company wants to work with you, they’ll reach out and this is precisely what if fucking looks like!

Good stuff, really good stuff. Good enough for some, I’m sure. But not good enough for us.





Editorial note: What’s up with these prices? 20-29 USD per item? You can get decent sports clothing for that price, even some branded items. A good adidas or Nike shirt is in that price range. Calling bollocks already.

Rebranded AliExpress merch, if you receive anything at all.


Kudos again, they are really trying.


That’s a shared office building by the way, we checked. Good improv work, so they didn’t have an address, then must’ve glanced at the manual with suggestions for countries in Europe, went with Austria and then went to the length of researching (Google searching) an actual office building that could feasibly be their headquarters.

That’s some next level effort for these scammers.


I love that they appreciate our kind words, too. Let’s see, if that’s still the case once people can read up all the Fitzeri scam alert info they need in one convenient place and they start losing actual revenue. Smoothmyballs seems to have taken it pretty hard, OfficialHerTeam changed their brand identity… let’s see what Fitzeri does next.
It’s like a game of four dimensional chess, presuming your opponent is an idiot expecting an even more gullible opponent and ate five pieces before they even started.IMG_5615.jpeg

Once again they are using NameCheap as a registrar, just like our enemies over at Borextrade (a site that seems to be now closed for business). Nothing much to be gained here, but they have been around for a while.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 11.58.19.png


Their Trustpilot rating is mixed… All the real customers seem to be rather upset about the AliExpress quality and the off brand knock offs they get in colours and cuts they didn’t order, that certainly don’t justify the prices.

But all the paid reviews seem to be really good.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Fitzeri merch, shall we?

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 12.05.03.png

Jogger Pants, pleasing image, nice brand identity, the logo has been photoshopped onto the pant leg. Poorly photoshopped, I may add. And for only 93,28 EUR. What a bargain! Makes me want to go back to the brand ambassador deal, so I’d only have to pay 20 Dollars.

But… I think I’ve seen that image before… somewhere.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 12.04.44.png

Ah, yes. Our trusty AliExpress. And for only 14.23 – 16.26 USD it’s much cheaper. Even cheaper than shipping and handling they expect the brand ambassadors to handle.

I think that also solves the mystery of brand ambassadors flat out receiving the wrong items. Fitzeri just orders their Chinese merch in bulk and you get whatever’s on hand.

I mean… not surprising, the return address is in China as well.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 12.09.59.png

And by the way. We aren’t here to bash on these products manufactured in China. If you’re paying 15 bucks for these pants, that seems absolutely fine. Most customers on AliExpress appear to be absolutely fine with what they’re getting.
It’s just bullshit dropshipping companies that feed into the hopes and vanities of people that we do take issue with. Discount. Brand ambassador. Our arses.

Fitzeri is one of those miserable scam brands no doubt run by some witless rich prick with his eyes in the sky jerking off to the idea that people actually fall for this nonsense.

An army of underpaid employees and clickworkers in the shadows uploading pictures to instagram to maintain the illusion of an actual brand.



I’m thinking they must have a shared database on their servers, randomly pick the images from that and then create a bulk of new profiles to reach out.

That’s a lot of work for something so fragile. I mean… can you imagine someone putting all this information in a convenient place for people to check… Then… you know. You might have to rebrand all of your accounts. All. Of. Them.

Simply because you built your pyramid scheme with the tip facing down, making it remarkably easy to topple.

It’s fitting that a “company” that appeals to the vanity of the miserable should also come crashing down due to their own vanity.

It’s almost ironic.


Your fit criminals on the run,




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Smooth My Balls Exposed (Again) – Follow Up from the SEO-Wars

It is the day of our Lord (Buckethead) May 30th, 2021. And we find ourselves at war. Why? Why the fuck not. So, here’s an update from our “friends” at smoothmyballs. I’m really happy to say, we’ve made it, we are their archnemeses now. We are the one pube between testicles and arsehole even their trimmer cannot remove.

If you’re new to the whole situation and just wanna know what the fuck is going on, here’s some recommended reading:

We have a whole podcast episode dedicated to Smooth My Balls. Click the link or find How Do I Rob This? whereever you listen to podcasts and listen to episode #31. That’s number 31, not hashtag 31.

You can also read more about Smooth My Balls here: Previously on Smooth My Balls vs. How Do I Rob This?

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Smoothmyballs on Instagram – Bots, Followers, and “Brand Ambassadors”


First things first: For a “brand” that has gathered 470k followers within a few weeks and only 12 posts, they had surprisingly little growth in the past month. And they even have three new posts. But, who are we to judge with our modest following over at @howdoirobthis on all socials *wink*


Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 11.38.33.png


Let’s take a closer look at one of their new posts:

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 11.38.51.png


This is something that has always been the case, they just didn’t want it to go really public. But technically even last month, you could’ve simply gotten your affiliate code without going through the hassle of ordering their 70$ test kit.

But it’s not shared to over 400k people, it’s over 400k bots. But these AIs are getting better, so we probably shouldn’t be judgy. Sooner or later some of them will pass the Turing test and shave your balls or labia so smooth, you’ll see your own reflection in them.

Update JUNE 1st:


They’ve actually lost followers and are now on 469k. Did people unfollow? Did their bots get reported, did they expire, are they preparing the robo apocalypse?

Smoothmyballs is Planting Trees, Because of Course They Are


But there’s more, they are now like every other dumb start up on this dying planet:


Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 18.40.49.png


They’re even planting trees now, are we all of a sudden anti-planet? Here’s the thing: If you buy their products at regular retail prices or buy from cheaper (and potentially better) competitors, even major brands like Philips or Manscaped or smaller brands like SmoothNutz or whatever no-name brand name you can find on Amazon, you’ll save money.

And that’s money you won’t feed those grifters. Money that you can then in turn use to plant trees yourselves. With e.g. or any other charity, because – fun fact – companies don’t use these charities out of the goodness of their balls.

They are deductibles. So for every cheaply manufactured Chinese trimmer you buy via, they then get a tax deductible. If you however donate the money directly, YOU get the deductible. Win-Fucking-Win-Situation.

You find flexible tree donations right here (we’re not sponsored, but it’s the same charity SMB collaborates with):

Oh, and we checked.

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.50.48.png


Because of course we checked. Initially we found it a bit suspicious that they didn’t tage OnePlantedTree, but at least their collaboration seems legit-ish.


Content Marketing and Warfare Below the Waistline


They’ve also stepped up their content marketing game, they really want to win out over us via search engine optimisation.

So, how does this work? If you type “smooth my balls” into google, you’ll find their site and a few reviews, videos, etc. Scroll a bit and you’ll find our podcast and a few scam alerts, but they have to bank on most people not scrolling that far.

But what if you do get suspicious and you want to know, if they are a scam? So you type something like “Smoothmyballs scam” into google, which they know, right? So, they are trying to position the word “scam” wherever they can in their content marketing.

It’s in their URLs:

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 14.45.09

In their YouTube channel description:

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 17.27.23

And now even in blogs that review their products:

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.44.50.png

You can find this absolute banger on a website called – it’s one of those websites with loads of clickbait, fringe right wing content your boomer uncle shares on WhatsApp, and purchased blog entries to optimise google content searches.

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.44.32.png

This was cleary paid for content, probably done by a freelance copywriter on a crowdworking platform. Their 3D product mock up of the trimmer comes from a similar crowdworking platform,

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 13.46.59.png


Tracing the Untraceable: Who Are Luke durghouse and SmoothMyBalls Trimmer?


But here’s something new,  a contact and a company address. Let’s check who (or what)’s behind Luke durghouse.

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.45.41.png

hmm… suspicious. Then again, that’s Ecosia, cause we’re so in love with planting fucking trees. Let’s see how the big G handles it:


Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.46.04.png


similarly just 1 result. Okay, but maybe there’s something at their company address to found, yeah? Let’s see who’s squatting at *checks notes* 8 ballhouse road, UK

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.46.38.png

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.46.23.png


Okay, so the road is fake. On brand, but fake. There’s a few more content marketing attempts, all by one Mr. Smoothmyballs Trimmer. He must be busy as a b(all).


He’s even taken the time to write a review about his own — well, purchased in China — product!

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 09.49.09.png

SmoothMyBalls Trimmer, if that’s his real name, also has a profile on LinkedIn competitor XING. Under this name, I shit thee nay:



Are SmoothMyBalls Located in India not Canada?


Did we screw up? Are Smoothmyballs located in India, after all? Chances are good, one of their videos on vimeo is narrated by a speaker with a strong accent… Even though it sounds like it’s narrated by Tommy Wiseau.

For comparison, here’s the cheap Morgan Freeman:


Now these two geniuses here who ordered the Turf Chopper 3.0 test kit for 70$ (again 8$ product) talk about the one negative and that’s the shipping time, perhaps indicating a delivery from India. Could still be that SmoothMyBalls are shipping from Canada and simply had to order new product from China. It’s hard to tell, but we’ll stay on it. 




Mr SmoothMyBalls Trimmer – Brand Loyalty


But that’s all that XING would spit out, no further information on SmoothMyBalls Trimmer. If that’s his real name. Gotta commend him for his loyalty though, he’s been toiling away at SmoothMyBalls for more than 20 years now. Even though the company didn’t exist till November 2020. Marvellous.


They’re also on TheDots, which looks like yet another LinkedIn. It’s fine, we’ve already got LinkedIn and that’s bad enough, isn’t it?



There’s more fun content like this post on phenomenal. Which… cool. Most of the products don’t exist, but cool.




They’re also on Reddit now, where we regularly harrass them.


Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 14.14.48.png


SmoothMyBalls on Twitter 


And stepped up their twitter game also with more than 400 followers now.


Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 14.16.56.png

The usual suspects though:





So, mostly bots and podcasters that didn’t do their research properly. We’ll try and mess with them as much as possible on Twitter and maybe Instagram in the future, so if you see comments from us. A like or heart is much appreciated to boost our reach and ball punch them out of the water.

For the moment we’ve given up on reaching out to their brand ambassadors and affiliates, simply because they – for the most part – aren’t helpful. Either unwilling to talk or in denial about having been scammed out of too much money for cheaply manufactured products.

But we’re still open for input, if you have worked with them! Just get in touch.


Why Do We Bother with SmoothMyBalls at All? 


And that’s it for now. But you, dear reader, if you are still following this wild tantrum might be asking yourselves, why? Why, why, why go to all these lengths to get on the balls of an instagram scam only the dumb, the gullible, the self important fall for? Why on Gaia’s green earth?

Maybe it’s even you, Nick, reading this. Or Tom. Or SmoothMyBalls Trimmer or whoever you pretend to be today and maybe you’re wondering why two gentleman thieves on the far side of the world are giving you guys such a hard time.

Because we can. Because we don’t like scams, grifters or multilevel marketing schemes. Because they’re giving criminals the world over a bad name. And mostly (!) because they got in touch with us and they tried to mess with us. And honeys of Smooth My Balls! You don’t play a player!


With the ballsiest regards,



your champions and cojones of justice


Update – The Return of the Bot Network

June 10th and this is where we’re at: We were wondering, if maybe Smoothmyballs have changed their targeting practices. We were actually fairly certain they hadn’t, because our site is still getting a lot of hits, mostly from google traffic. So obviosly people are searching for smoothmyballs, but what is science without evidence? 

So we actually thought about reaching out and checking, if people were still being targeted by the bots on Instagram. Low and behold:



Same message, same targeting practice. 0 followers, 0 following, 0 posts, good stuff. 

Update 22/06/21: Mr. Smoothmyballs Trimmer Is on WordPress!


Okay, so… YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Botstagram… it’s just not enough, is it? It’s never enough. Now Smoothmyballs have a blog. The world’s most generic and random blog and they didn’t even bother paying for the bloody wordpress domain or the premium package.

So this is the domain:

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 12.11.47.png


THIS?! Holy ballz! And this is what the smoothmyballs blog on wordpress looks like:

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 12.03.16.png


Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 12.03.34.png



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