16 – Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Crime

__How Do I Rob This_16_Feline Crime

It’s time for our two gentleman thieves to don their sexy cat lady costumes and become true cat burglars. Andrew Lloyd Webber who blatantly stole writing credits from the 1981 cast of “Cats – the Musical” as they performed and improvised a play about jellicle (not a word, we checked) cats (very much a word) will now pay for his crimes along with everyone set out to ruin the careers of Idris Elba, Sir Ian McKellen, and James Cordon… Nevermind, Cordon and his carpool karaoke will be thrown under the bus.

So listen to our new episode in which we spend sixty minutes introducing ourselves in song and sending you to Heaviside as we steal every copy of “Cats – the Musical – the Film” and turn it into “Cats – the Musical – the Film – the Porn”.

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