29 – The Bull of No Ball Street

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Oo-De-Lally, motherinvestors! Your favourite theoretical heist podcast is back! Recently Robin Hood – the app not the legend – made hedge funds lose billions and Vlad the Impaler (CEO of Robin Hood – again, the app) quickly struck back and banned everyone from making hedge funds lose money by stocking shorts or shorting stocks. 

Meanwhile a long tweet ago in a galaxy far, far away Gina Carano got ousted from Disney from claiming that she not being cancelled for all her far right conspiracy theories and terrible takes is the real holocaust. But Disney granted her wish and finally let her go like a break away Frozen hit single. 

What does that have to do with a 3,200 kg bronze statue on Broadway? How does a silent carnivale art installation communicate that conservative voices are indeed being silenced? And what’s the average pace of a proud boy?

Listen to our two gentleman thieves and find out! 

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